Wedding Hosts

Wedding Hosts

your Wedding Hosts

A wedding host is your go to person all day, they will personalise and adapt your day to make this bespoke to you.

They can meet and greet all of your guests at the drink’s reception whilst you are having some photos, ensuring everyone is in the right place and knows whats coming next and also get everyone involved in the day.!! They can guide your guests to the chosen areas around your venue or maybe even just hold your drink whilst you are having photos!

DFC Wedding Hosts

Your Host will fully take the reins during your Wedding Breakfast. 

The DFC hosts will conduct all entrances for you and your bridal party into the Wedding Breakfast, to music chosen by you. You will be announced for the first time officially as Newly Weds, this will really kick start your Wedding Breakfast with all the good vibes and cheers from your family and friends.

The rest of your wedding breakfast is really whatever you would like it to be, its bespoke to you and planned well in advance at the meetings you will have prior with your host.

the original wedding hosts

Meet Robin & Adam. We have been hosting weddings since 2009. At DFC, hosting is 90% not on the microphone, 10% on the microphone.

You may be wanting to keep it classic and chilled or you may want to really turn this into a party!! Your Host will play a massive part in making this a reality for you. Maybe you are wanting something entertaining that will get your tables talking and having fun in-between courses, this will bring you and all of your guests together despite being sat on different tables. Options for this can be varied- If you wanted something entertaining and interactive the host can do a couples quiz including all tables, advice cards which your guests would write out, Mr and Mrs, Rock and Roll Bingo – lots of different options!!

Your host will also announce speeches and provide the mics for this which can make for a much smoother process for everyone.

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