The Original Wedding Hosts

The Original Wedding Hosts

your Wedding Host Adam
your Wedding DJ Robin
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Do you want to be in the best hands possible on your wedding day?

Adam and Robin are the masters of this field and with over 26 years between them of hosting weddings they really have mastered the craft – they are what we call the dream team.

Bit of inside information – one of the reasons why they work so well together in creating your perfect day is because Adam and Robin are actually best friends out of work too! They love nothing more than bouncing new and exciting ideas off each other and you too and this goes on much longer than just your meetings, all the way up to your day they are discussing your wedding almost daily as this is both of their passions!!! Much much more than just a job for these two!!!

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the ultimate wedding entertainment duo

Adam and Robin have been hosting weddings since 2009.

Wedding Hosts

Robin was actually one of the first hosts in the UK over 14 years ago this is before wedding hosting was actually a thing! Robin was originally asked to be a toastmaster but wanted to offer something more, something unique and individual to each couple.

Every couple is unique – and so your day should be.

Not only do Adam and Robin personalise your day to you, but they also help you come up with ideas that can make it special for you and your partner. They find ways to help your guests all feel like one on your day rather than groups of separate tables, they encourage dancing on the tables and getting people off their seats! Adam and Robin are all about creating an electric atmosphere and will leave your guests wanting more not less!

If you want a more formal wedding breakfast they can help you come up with ways to do this, they can make sure your entrances are done in the best way possible and they can support you during the speeches and with the running of the breakfast, creating a beautiful atmosphere for your guests to enjoy the food and venue.

To make a start on your day you will come down to our gorgeous office and have an idea share meeting with Adam, Robin and even some of the team may get involved! This is a perfect opportunity to get those ideas flowing and make a start on your dream day, this will be as long as you need it to be and a real high-energy meeting that you will leave knowing that you have made the right decision and that you and your guests are in the right hands!

Let R and A help you create your magical day.

Your guests won’t attend another wedding like it.

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