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Hi, my name is Chris Cooper. I am a Celebrant and one of several awesome Wedding Host’s and DJ’s here at DFC. In my personal life I am a family man – I have a partner called Ashley and little boy called Ezra.

Although I have a fantastic track record when it comes to reviews from couples, the thing I’m probably most famous for is my unmistakeable Wigan accent which I am very proud of. If you aren’t familiar with Wigan, it’s situated at the centre of the universe AKA about 30 mins outside of Manchester – It’s probably most famous for it’s Pier, legendary Northern Soul venue, Uncle Joes Mint Balls and Pies.

Celebrant Host Services

What is a Celebrant?

People are often confused about what the difference is between a celebrant and a registrar, so in short here’s the difference;

A Registrar is a government official responsible for keeping records. Ceremonies performed by a registrar must take place in a venue licensed for marriage using specific contracted wording to legalise the union. Typically civil ceremonies aren’t mega personal, in fact they are mostly the opposite and the script itself is massively restricted. E.g. Religious and spiritual content is not allowed in this type of ceremony.

A Celebrant on the other hand is me, fully qualified and excited to work with you to create the perfect script. A script that’s completely bespoke and personal to you It’s your love story on paper. Your ceremony, every bit as enjoyable to listen to as it was for me to write and perform. A Celebrant ceremony is a different ball game.

Why Choose a celebrant?

Generally most couples get married in a church or opt for a civil ceremony at their chosen venue, in these circumstances you have next to no chance to take the reins on your own ceremony. A celebrant led ceremony gives you the choice to celebrate whenever, wherever and however you wish.

Many couples are now choosing to have a celebrant conduct their ceremony – simply because the civil ceremonies don’t cut it for them. I personally feel its really important for couples to have a certain amount of versatility and choice over the words they are repeating and the promises they are making to each other. I mean given the choice you could ask yourself, ‘Is that something you would like?’

I will work with you to ensure your ceremony remains as true to you as a couple as possible, I believe the beauty of a celebrant written ceremony is that the finished script would reflect your personalities and sense of humor, after all it’s always good to have a chuckle where appropriate and you’ll find family and friends will find your ceremony much more enjoyable if we manage to get a few laughs in.

There are no restrictions on content or timing and no multiple choice vows.

The most exciting thing about separating the legal registration from the actual celebration is it allows your ceremony to truly shine and as a result of this separation it allows you to hold your ceremony pretty much ANYWHERE you want!

Your ceremony does not have to take place in a licensed venue as the ceremony is not legally binding. You can get married indoors, outdoors, in a forest, on a multi story carpark, on a boat or whilst sky diving… Ok im sure it’s been done but we might be going a little to crazy now… although I’m up for it if you are? – but the options are endless pretty much!

I can conduct your ceremony any day, month, or time. I only ever do one ceremony per day, so that date is exclusively yours. Optionally, I can also Host your Wedding Breakfast and be your evening DJ so make sure you look into that if you haven’t already got it sorted.

Each couple to me is a personal milestone as your journey is my journey, every couple is different and everyones journey is unique. I love to find out how you met, where you had your first date? Was it a disaster or was it magical? Something you’ll never forget?

It genuinely THE BEST introduction I could ask for getting to know you. I love that I have a job that is so fulfilling, it truly warms my heart, I feel it’s honestly an honour and a privilege to do what I do.

What type of ceremonies do I offer?

In short, as well as writing bespoke ceremonies I also offer a range of different types of ceremonies such as; Blessings are you are getting married abroad and would like the gesture of a ceremony when you return to the UK?

I also do Renewal of Vows and Same sex ceremonies, not forgetting symbolic ceremonies such as; Handfasting, Sand Ceremonies, etc. There are many different types of symbolic ceremonies that can help personalise your ceremony even further all of which I am trained to do.

Celebrant Hosting

  • An initial meeting in person, Skype or telephone
  • All the documentation needed to create and complete your script
  • Access to a collection of real scripts and examples of different types of ceremonies
  • Unlimited contact with me through the entire process
  • Unlimited redrafts
  • Online portal with login details to help plan your wedding
  • Your beautiful ceremony conducted by myself

If you are looking for a celebrant I’m sure you still have a million questions, If you’d like to know more about our Celebrant Service, please click the enquiry button below and we’ll be in touch.