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Hi, my name is Chris Cooper, I am a Celebrant, Wedding Host and a DJ, over the years I have had the pleasure of being a part of over 600 weddings with DFC.

In my personal life I am a family man, I am married to my lovely wife Ashley and we have a little boy called Ezra.

Aside from my reputation with my couples past and present, the thing I’m probably most famous for my unmistakeable Northern (Wigan) accent which I am very proud of.

So you’re getting married?

Celebrant Host Services

What is a Celebrant?

If I were to ask a large selection of people at random what options were available to them with regards to ‘getting married’ talking specifically about the ceremony, most people would only be aware of only two options; A religious ceremony (in a church) or a civil ceremony (At the registry office or in venue sanctioned for marriage)

Sadly with both of these options you don’t stand much chance of being able to take the reigns on your own ceremony.

People are often confused about what the difference is between a Celebrant and a Registrar – in short here’s the difference;

A Celebrant Service

A celebrant led ceremony gives you the choice to celebrate whenever, wherever and however you wish. As a celebrant, I believe couples should have maximum input and choice over the words they are repeating and the promises they are making to each other, this means – there are no restrictions on content and definitely no multiple-choice vows.

I can work with you to ensure your ceremony is as true to you both as possible, the beauty of a celebrant written ceremony is that we believe the finished script should be so personal it would truly reflect your personalities and sense of humour.

Your script will be completely bespoke and is written in consultation with you both every step of the way, your vision and love story conveyed how you want it. My goal is to ensure you and your guests find it every bit as enjoyable to listen to as it was for me to write.

Celebrant Hosting

Here are a few reasons why you might want/need a celebrant;

• You may have got married abroad and might want another ceremony for all the people who couldn’t share your special day back home.
• You may want to get married somewhere where it isn’t legal to do so.
• Getting married in a church might not be for you.
• A civil service with a registrar might not appeal to you.

Celebrant Hosting

A Civil Ceremony

A Registrar is a government official responsible for keeping records. Civil Ceremonies are typically performed by a registrar, these types of ceremonies must take place in a venue licensed for marriage using specific contracted wording to legalise the union. A registry office ceremony is a low cost option but the ceremonies themselves are often short and stark. Registrar performed ceremonies In licensed venues such as hotels and purpose build wedding venues can still come across regimented and very impersonal.

Where do you go from here?

The best introduction I could ask for is getting to know you so if you are interested in having a celebrant, please get in touch to book a meeting.

I can conduct your ceremony any day, month, or time. I only ever do one ceremony per day, so that date is exclusively yours. I can also (optionally) Host your Wedding Breakfast so the personal touch flows right through you entire day, so make sure you look into that if you haven’t considered it already.

All bookings include:

  • An initial meeting in person, Skype or telephone
  • All the documentation needed to create and complete your script
  • Access to a collection of real scripts and examples of different types of ceremonies
  • Unlimited contact with me through the entire process
  • Unlimited redrafts
  • Online portal with login details to help plan your wedding